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Follow up work on Marine Protected Area management in Wales

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Purpose of the consultation

In August 2017, the Committee published its report, Turning the tide?  Report of the inquiry into the Welsh Government’s approach to Marine Protected Area management. The report made a number of recommendations about the need to increase resources for MPA management; establish a marine science partnership; increase awareness of the role of MPAs; and create an enforcement strategy based on risk.

In September 2018, the Welsh Government published an
MPA Network Management Framework for Wales 2018-2023 and an MPA Network Management Action Plan for Wales 2018-2019.

The Committee was keen to assess the progress made by the Welsh Government in taking forward the recommendations in our report, and in delivering MPA Network Management Action Plan 2018-19.

The Committee sought views on:


  • What progress has been made by the Welsh Government against the recommendations in the Committee’s report?;
  • Has the management of Welsh seas received sufficient resource and strategic direction?; and
  • How has the condition of Wales’ MPA’s have changed?

Last year the Welsh Government’s approach to the MPA Network Management was published. This included the 2018-2023 Framework and 2018-2019 Action Plan. Do these:

  • Address the key issues of effective management of multi-use MPAs?;
  • Support the management of Welsh MPAs to conserve Welsh marine biodiversity?;
  • Take account of lessons learned from current MPA management activity in Wales (including designation, implementation and enforcement)?; and
  • Take account of the implications of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union?


Do you have any other comments or issues you wish to raise that have not been covered by the specific questions?


Invitation to contribute to the inquiry

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