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Employment opportunities for people over 50

Response to the consultation

Evidence submitted in response to this Consultation

Purpose of the consultation

The National Assembly for Wales’s Enterprise and Business Committee undertook an inquiry into employment opportunities for people over 50.


Terms of reference


  • The barriers that face people over 50 trying to re-enter the labour market
  • The extent of age-discrimination and its impact on the recruitment of people over 50
  • Whether there are any disadvantages to people over 50 re-entering the labour market
  • The effectiveness of the Welsh Government’s Strategy for Older People in Wales 2013-23 in assisting people over 50 into work
  • The support that is most effective for people over 50 trying to re-enter the labour market (particularly programmes and projects).


As part of these terms of reference, the Committee considered:


  • The availability and suitability of local job opportunities
  • The need for relevant support and skills training
  • Transport difficulties, including availability and cost (especially in rural areas)
  • Lack of confidence (for example, following redundancy)
  • Assisting and supporting people with additional challenges (for example, those with a disability)
  • Potential barriers to people over 50 accessing employment owing to caring responsibilities (for example, caring for elderly parents)
  • The role of people over 50 in mentoring younger workers and passing on their skills and knowledge
  • How people over 50 re-entering the labour market can affect the number of jobs and career progression opportunities available to younger workers
  • Assisting those from areas of high unemployment
  • The impact and value-for-money of European funding.


Disclosure of Information


You can find further details about how we shall use your information at Please ensure that you have considered these details carefully before submitting information to the Committee.

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details:

Enterprise and Business Committee - Fourth Assembly
Welsh Parliament
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Telephone: 0300 200 6565