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Welsh Government Draft Budget 2015-16

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Purpose of the consultation

The Committee has issued a call for evidence on the Welsh Government draft budget proposals for 2015-16. The consultation will close on 10 September 2014.


The Committees of the National Assembly are seeking information to inform their scrutiny of the Welsh Government’s 2015-16 Draft Budget Proposals. We are interested in exploring expectations of the 2015-16 budget, including financial readiness for the 2015-16 year and the impact of the 2014-15 budget. 


We do not know as yet, what the draft budget proposals will look like, as they will not be published until September/October 2014. However, indicative allocations for the 2015-16 financial year were published in the Final Budget 2014-15.


The Finance Committee looks at the Welsh Government’s budget from a strategic, overarching perspective. We also work with the other Assembly Committees to ensure that proposals for specific Ministerial portfolios are considered in detail. Committees will each undertake their own focussed evidence sessions with the relevant Ministers in order to examine the areas of the budget that fall within their respective remits, and then report to Finance Committee, detailing any concerns they have.

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Bethan Davies