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EVENT: Peter’s 21st – Type 1 Diabetes Awareness

Date: Tuesday 6 December 2022

Time: 18.00 - 20.00

Location: Neuadd, Senedd

Description: Today, we will be marking what would have been Peter Baldwin’s 21st on the 10th of December, 2022. Unfortunately, by Christmas 2014, Peter developed a cold that wouldn’t go away. The Symptoms were indicative of Type 1 diabetes, known today as the 4Ts; his GP, unfortunately, didn’t spot the symptoms or test for diabetes. By New Year’s Day of 2015, when admitted to the hospital, he sadly passed away. His family campaigned tirelessly for increased awareness and better diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in children. Successfully their petition delivered a report by the Petitions Committee with ten recommendations mostly accepted by the Welsh Government to reduce and prevent the chances of this happening again. This event commemorates Peter’s short life, a refresh to the 4Ts campaign and new developments to increase successful diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.

Open to the public: The event will take place outside our normal opening hours therefore attendance will be by invitation only

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