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EVENT: 40 Years of HIV - Past, Present and Future

Date: Wednesday 15 June 2022

Time: 18.00 - 20.00

Location: Senedd

Description: Forty years ago, we heard of the first reported cases of what we now know as HIV. That changed the world forever, and millions of lives have been lost. But we’ve also made incredible medical progress since then, which means you can now live a long, healthy life with HIV. Today, we celebrate the progress made with the launch of the HIV Action Plan for Wales. The plan encourages testing for HIV, reduce late HIV diagnosis, advance the rollout of prevention drugs, overhauls the data collection HIV surveillance systems, and support people living with HIV to live well. Further, the plan should seek to increase the availability of mental health support to come to terms with a diagnosis, adherence support or return to care initiatives. It marks another positive step to meet the ultimate goal of no new HIV transmissions by 2030.

Open to the public: The event will take place outside our normal opening hours therefore attendance will be by invitation only

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