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EVENT: Commemorating Gareth Jones

Date: Thursday 12 May 2022

Time: 12.00 - 13.30

Location: Senedd

Description: An event to mark the contribution of the Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, who reported on the Holodomor in Ukraine, the tensions in Europe in the mid 1930s and the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. Jones, from Barry was an accomplished linguist and after graduating from Aberystwyth and Cambridge worked as a foreign affairs advisor to David Lloyd George, a consultant to Ivy Lee Associates in New York and as a journalist. He worked tirelessly to understand and explain foreign affairs and their relevance to readers at home, taking time to fully understand not just contemporary events but their underlying causes. His exposé on the man made famine in Ukraine was based on his own eyewitness testimony after travelling in the region and revealed the scale and horror of the Holodmor to an international audience.

Open to the public: Attendance at the event is by invitation only however the Senedd and the Pierhead will remain accessible to the public during our normal opening hours.

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