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EXHIBITION: From One to the Other

Date: Sunday 17 December 2017 to Friday 12 January 2018

Location: Senedd Oriel Gallery

Description: James Richards: I moved to Aberystwyth in 2000, a calling I guess? You could say I was "the last one back" in my family. After 5 years experiencing a sort of mission creep whilst at University and living previously between Telford and Birmingham, I knew I wasn't happy. Wales was my sanctuary and escape from the loneliness of inner city life. I was beginning change into and act more like an artist and dreamed of a move to Wales. It's hard feeling as though you belong somewhere else. The work I am presenting is a sort of retrospective. A selection of paintings that I suppose are important to me. The ones I keep in my house. They are historical records of my life in Wales and encompass the last seventeen years of it. I hope you see what has been achieved in that time through my Art.

Open to the public: Yes

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