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Note: 20(v2) 


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Note No. Item

This meeting will be held in a hybrid format, with some Members in the Senedd Chamber and others joining by video-conference.

The Llywydd has determined that, in accordance with Standing Order 34.14A-D, Members will be able to vote from any location by electronic means.

(45 mins)


Questions to the First Minister

The Presiding Officer will call Party Leaders to ask questions without notice to the First Minister after Question 2.

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Supporting documents:

(30 mins)


Business Statement and Announcement

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(45 mins)


Statement by the First Minister: Intergovernmental Relations

(45 mins)


Statement by the Minister for Economy: The Shared Prosperity Fund and Levelling Up Fund

(45 mins)


Legislative Consent Motion on the Environment Bill

NDM7781 - Julie James (Swansea West)

To propose that the Senedd, in accordance with Standing Order 29.6, agrees that provisions in the Environment Bill in so far as they fall within the legislative competence of the Senedd, should be considered by the UK Parliament.

A Legislative Consent Memorandum and a Supplementary Legislative Consent Memorandum were laid in the Table Office on 18 June 2021 and 3 September 2021 respectively in accordance with Standing Order 29.2.

Environment Bill

Supporting Documents
Report of The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee  Report of the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee

(60 mins)


Debate: Using the UK Government Spending Review to address coal tip safety in Wales

NDM7782 - Lesley Griffiths (Wrexham)

To propose that the Senedd:

Calls on the UK Government to discharge its responsibilities in agreeing a funding programme for long-term remediation, reclamation and repurposing of coal tip sites in Wales.

The following amendment was tabled:

Amendment 1 - Darren Millar (Clwyd West)

Delete ‘UK Government to discharge its’ and replace with ‘Welsh Government and the UK Government to discharge their’.


Voting Time