Agenda and minutes

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Transcript: Transcript for 14/09/2020 - Public Accounts Committee - Fifth Senedd

Expected timing No. Item

(09.15 - 09.55)


Well-Being of Future Generations Inquiry: Inquiry scoping paper

PAC(5)-17-20 Paper 1 – Inquiry scoping paper

Supporting documents:


1.1 The Committee discussed the Inquiry scoping paper and agreed how they wished the inquiry to progress.



Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest


2.1 The Chair welcomed the Members to the meeting.

2.2 The Chair welcomed Angela Burns MS to the Committee, following her election on 5 August 2020.

(10.00 - 10.15)


Paper(s) to note


3.1 The papers were noted.


Inquiry into COVID-19 and its impact on matters relating to the Public Accounts Committee’s remit: Letter from the Welsh Government (27 August 2020)

Supporting documents:


Implementation of the NHS Finance (Wales) Act 2014: Letter from the Welsh Government (28 August 2020)

Supporting documents:

(10.15 - 11.30)


Public Procurement: Evidence Session with the Welsh Government

Research Briefing

PAC(5)-17-20 Paper 2 – Welsh Government

PAC(5)-17-20 Paper 3 – Letter from the Welsh Government on the Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PAC(5)-17-20 Paper 4 – Letter from the Welsh Government on the Procurement of school meals


Andrew Slade – Director General, Economy, Skills & Natural Resources Group, Welsh Government

Dean Medcraft - Director- Finance & Operations, Welsh Government

Marcella Maxwell - Deputy Director, Commercial Procurement and Group Strategy, Welsh Government

Supporting documents:


4.1 The Members questioned the witnesses on Public Procurement.

4.2 Andrew Slade agreed to send additional information on a number of issues raised.



Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:

Items 6 & 7


5.1 The motion was agreed.

(11.35 - 11.50)


Public Procurement: Consideration of evidence received


6.1 The Members considered the evidence received and the Chair will write to the Welsh Government with their views.

(11.50 - 12.30)


Scrutiny of Accounts 2018-19: Consideration of the response from the Welsh Government

PAC(5)-17-20 Paper 5 – Welsh Government Response

PAC(5)-17-20 Paper 6 – Cymraeg: It Belongs to Us All Strategy: Letter from the Permanent Secretary, Welsh Government (28 July 2020)

Supporting documents:


7.1 The Members considered the response from the Welsh Government.

7.2 It was agreed that the Chair would respond to the Permanent Secretary on a number of issues and the remainder will be covered in the forthcoming evidence session on the scrutiny of accounts 2019-20.