Agenda and minutes

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Note No. Item

(8:30 - 8:45)


Chair's introduction

·        Declarations of interest



1.1  The Chair welcomed Board members to the meeting.

1.2  The Board agreed the minutes of the meeting on 22 May 2015.


(8:45 - 10:00)


Legacy for successor Board: Review of the Remuneration Board's method of working and consideration of draft legacy report


2.1  The focus of the report should be on what worked well, how the Board’s approach could have been improved, what did not work so well and what lessons are to be learnt.

2.2  The Board would consider the draft legacy report at its meeting on 3 July 2015.


(10:00 - 10:45)


Assembly Member pensions: Update on implementation of AM Pension scheme and impact of salary differentiation on pensions


3.1 The Chair welcomed Donna Davies, Head of Pensions, Assembly Commission.


3.2 The Board considered an update on the implementation of the AM pension scheme.


Appointment of an independent chair and member nominated representatives to the Pension Board

3.3 The Board discussed the merits and cost implications of procuring a company to employ an independent Chair of the Board of Trustees, given the size of the pension scheme.


3.4 The Board agreed that the Independent Chair must demonstrate experience and have a background in pensions administration.


AMSS pension scheme – Independent Financial Adviser


3.5 The Board considered a paper on the AMSS pension scheme and the administrators’ recommendation to conduct a review of the scheme.


3.6 The Board agreed that the administrators should conduct a review of the existing provision for AMSS pension arrangements and whether they were fit for purpose.


Impact of salary differentiation on pension scheme


3.7 The Board considered a paper on the implications of salary differentiation on the AM pension scheme.


(11:00 - 11:45)


Draft Annual Report 2014-15


3.1 The Board commented on and agreed its draft Annual report 2014-15 and noted that it would be published in July 2015.


Action point:

  • Publish the Annual report 2014-15.


(11:45 - 12:45)


Support for Assembly Members: Policies for Assembly Member Support staff and draft guidance on the Policy, Research and Communication Fund



3.1 The Chair welcomed John Chick and Rebecca Hardwicke to the meeting.

3.2  The Board considered the policies for Assembly Members Support Staff and draft guidance on the Policy and Research Fund and agreed that Assembly Members should be consulted on the proposals.


Action Point:

·         The Board agreed to consult Assembly Members on the policies for Support Staff



Paper to note


The Paper was noted.



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