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Meeting: 22/01/2018 - Senedd Commission (Item 5)

Highlight Report to the Commission

Supporting documents:

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Meeting: 17/07/2017 - Senedd Commission (Item 9)

Highlight report (January to July 2017)

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The report was noted, and will be prepared for publication.

Meeting: 05/12/2016 - Senedd Commission (Item 7)

7 Highlight report to the Commission (May-December 2016)

Paper 5

Supporting documents:


The highlight report provided a record of the Commission’s work and achievements over the period from the start of the Fifth Assembly.


Commissioners welcomed the report, and agreed they would find it a useful tool, on a termly basis, as part of the role of oversight and holding management to account. They agreed it is a very valuable record.


Commissioners commented in detail on the potential for evaluation for engagement schemes involving sustained investment, such as the work on a Youth Parliament, in order to ascertain the longer term impact on participants. They also made observations with regard to the role of Wales on the global stage and changing opportunities in the context of Brexit.

Meeting: 21/05/2015 - Senedd Commission (Item 3)

3 Highlight Report (Jan to March)

Supporting documents:


The highlight report gave the Commission an update on key activities and projects since January 2015.

Commissioners’ discussion focussed on:

·         Work done by the Research Service to make information more accessible and engaging.

·         An update on the anticipated publication by the Remuneration Board of their Determination for the Fifth Assembly – due to be made at 10am on 22 May.

·         The continuation of activity on Constitutional Change, in anticipation of the Queen’s Speech and as a follow-on from the lead taken by the Presiding Officer. Commissioners agreed it would be important to give the issue timely attention and recognised that the work of the CLA Committee would form an important part of this.

·         Preparation work, underway, to complete the annual report and accounts. Commissioners also discussed a letter that had been received from the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee.

·         The arrangements made to welcome the two new Assembly Members, and the induction plans made with them.

·         Bilingual working, including the ground breaking achievements of the HR system.

·         CPD plans for Members in the Fifth Assembly.

·         Activity to support external organisations in developing their capacity to give evidence to committees.


Meeting: 29/01/2015 - Senedd Commission (Item 5)

5 Highlight Report (July - December 2014)

Supporting documents:


Commissioners reviewed the latest highlight report which gave an update on key activities and projects since June 2014. They agreed to publish the report and make it available to Members.

Meeting: 07/07/2014 - Senedd Commission (Item 4)

4 Highlight Report

paper 4

Supporting documents:


The highlight report summarised work that had been carried out to achieve the Commission’s Strategic Goals from April to July 2014.

The launch of the Assembly’s work on youth engagement was to be held on 16 July, to showcase the excellent youth engagement work already undertaken by the Assembly and present the Commission’s vision for improving youth engagement services. A number of activities were being arranged including a Question Time event with a panel of Assembly Members, the signing of a Young Person’s Charter by Party Leaders and Plenary statement from the Presiding Officer.

Commissioners also discussed the:

·         FOI requests;

·         final transition out of the contract with Atos at the end of July;

·         publication and debate of the Official Languages Scheme Annual Report;

·         the planned strike on 10 July; and

·         ending of the protest by an individual on hunger strike on the Assembly Estate.

A recent trial had been carried out by the Public Accounts Committee to tweet during its proceedings. Commissioners discussed the value of this type of activity from a public engagement point of view. It was agreed that, until the impact and added value of this activity had been evaluated, all live tweeting during committee proceedings should be halted. Commissioners asked for a social media policy to be prepared for their consideration.


Meeting: 08/05/2014 - Senedd Commission (Item 4)

4 Highlight report January-March 2014

paper 4

Supporting documents:


The Highlight Report from January – March 2014, giving an update on key activities and projects underway since December 2013 to make progress towards the Commission’s strategic goals, was considered.

The following items were of particular interest:

 - A substantial amount of work had been, and continued to be, carried out by Members, Assembly Committees and through the Assembly’s Brussels office to influence and raise the profile of the Assembly at an EU level.

- The forthcoming Commonwealth Parliamentary Association conference, to be hosted by the Assembly in May, would showcase the work of the Assembly on increasing democratic engagement to an international audience.

- A number of recent works carried out on the Assembly estate had improved the environment for visitors and those working on the estate and enhanced security arrangements.

Commissioners also emphasised the need for further work with Members on information governance, to ensure that there was guidance and advice available to all. The planned series of visits to Members’ offices was welcomed as similar visits had been of considerable value in the past.

Commissioners confirmed that the Highlight Report was of value to them, and more widely to AMs, the public and staff, as a useful source of information on the work being carried out towards achievement of the Commission’s strategic goals. 

The report would be published on the Commission’s website.

Meeting: 05/12/2013 - Senedd Commission (Item 4)

4 Highlight Report (May to November period)

paper 4


Supporting documents:


The highlight report outlined work that had recently been undertaken or was underway to make progress towards the Commission’s strategic goals. Of particular note were:


-       The restructure of the Business Directorate;

-       The significant number of visits to and from the Assembly;

-       The results of the staff survey and work being carried out by the Management Board in response;

-       The Presiding Officer’s forthcoming work on an all-Wales mentoring scheme as part of her work on Women in Public Life;

-       Media coverage of Assembly activities;

-       The achievement of Investors in People Gold.

Meeting: 16/05/2013 - Senedd Commission (Item 4)

Highlight report to the Commission

paper 4


The highlight report summarises activities that have been undertaken or are underway to make progress towards the Commission’s strategic goals. It was noted that the Business Directorate was currently undergoing a restructure and that this should reflect the future structure of Committees. A wide range of outreach and engagement activities had been delivered, in line with the goal of engaging with the people of Wales and promoting Wales. The second Assembly Member and Assembly Member Support Staff user satisfaction survey would be launched in June.

Key Performance Indicators would be reported at future meetings, in line with the recommendation of the Finance Committee. Commissioners agreed the indicators and noted that these were likely to develop.

Action: Angela Burns AM to write to the Chair of the Finance Committee confirming the key performance indicators that would be used.

Meeting: 24/01/2013 - Senedd Commission (Item 5)

Highlight report to the Commission



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