P-04-414 : Welsh Jobs

Petition wording:
We, the undersigned, call on the Welsh Assembly to urge the Welsh Government to encourage employers relocating to Wales, or opening new facilities and outlets here, to recruit and, where necessary, train local staff.

Supporting information:
There are examples from around Wales of new jobs being taken by, in some instances, entire workforces brought in from outside Wales.  A mutually accepted definition of a ’key worker’ could help avoid these situations. It should be restricted to specialised posts for which the required skills or qualifications are not available locally and could not be acquired by locals from a short period of training.     Otherwise politicians, media and others trumpeting ’new jobs’, when these are effectively denied to Welsh people is, at best, misleading.

Petition raised by: Royston Jones

Date petition first considered by Committee:  2 October 2012

Number of signatures: 65