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Gwaith dilynol ar yr adroddiad Cadernid Meddwl

MOM: 03

Ymateb gan: Heddluoedd yng Nghymru



National Assembly for Wales
Children, Young People and Education Committee

Follow-up on the Mind over Matter report

MOM 03

Response from: Police Forces in Wales



Of the 28 recommendations, the mental health leads in each of the four Welsh police forces have provided a response to recommendation 15 only. The other recommendations relate to devolved agencies.


In order to crystallise the views of policing in Wales in respect of recommendation 15, it was felt that they were better recorded in the format of a brief report to the Children, Young People and Education Committee.


Policing Response

No ‘All Wales’ model of triage currently operates in Wales. Police forces have Mental Health triage teams that are generally located in the force control rooms. One of the forces trial model does not incorporate specialist advice for children and young people in crisis. The local health board has been clear that any investment in this area in specialist skills will be based on actual demand. The outcome is that this would not be feasible on a local basis.

South-Wales Police mental health triage team do triage young people and signpost accordingly to ensure safeguarding. The force has seen a rise in the percentage of children under 17 years of age in crisis that come into contact with the police and is likely to continue. The force collaborated with NHS Wales collaborated on three podcasts which described individual mental health journeys and showed how they wanted to be treated by all service providers when in crisis

The other Welsh forces in response to the above forces have posed the question as to whether an all Wales approach involving joint Welsh coverage from the triage units within Wales, underpinned by a dedicated telephone line as a possible solution. This would facilitate access to services for children and young persons related to specialist advice? For example, this would allow for the availability of one advisor pan Wales to be readily available from within an existing triage team to provide C&YP advice. Other suggestions ask whether a general CMH nurse for adults provide advice regarding children.

Three out of the four Welsh forces mental health triage teams have been subject of an evaluation.


Action needed

Welsh policing is of the opinion that an increase in mental health service provision for young people is required. This will improve access for young people and assist the police service to signpost effectively. Forces also state that there needs to be more training and awareness raising sessions for all safeguarding agencies in respect of children in a mental health crisis.