P-05-935 Ban Pavement Parking - Pavement Promise, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 28.01.20


Firstly for many people this is not just a frustration but a hinderance to their independence.

The task force is a good idea.

I feel that it is important that it is made up of participants of whom have to deal with the issue on a daily basis aswel as working alongside councils/ police.


I also feel it would be beneficial to have the input of organisations such as RNIB Cymru, guide dogs and Bridgend coalition for the disabled involved.


Legislation does need to be looked at and changed.

It is very confusing and contradicting in parts.


Legislation needs to be clear and important that it is enforced.

This is an important area the task force will need to focus on.


I propose that a dedicated task force be formed to deal with the enforcement alongside an online reporting app/ website.


The issue is not adequately addressed.

This is discussing researching the issue.

It is not focusing on the issue people are currently facing.

This is a long time frame prolonging the difficulty for those in Wales,

Some of who are loosing their independence.


Some questions I have are:

* who is involved in the task force and are they suitable to the understanding of the issue?.

* what will be done to support those struggling with the issue while the task for researches over the long period and discusses findings? 

*will there be opportunities for communities to be involved with the research? .

*Do you feel following in the footsteps of a ban alongside Scotland and central London would benefit our communities?.


Rhian Morris.