P-04-408 Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Service– Petitioner to Committee, 27.01.20


Dear Petitions Chair


Thank you so much for once again including me in the correspondence from the Minister for Health, Vaughan Gething.


As a member of the core group for the review of the Eating Disorder Service review conducted by Professor Tan, commissioned by Mr Gething, I have been encouraged by his response, and the expectation of actions he has put in place to the Health Boards. 


My hope is that within these Health Board proposals,  the early intervention actions will be implemented as a priority. That the health boards, and government, will not now sit on their laurels, but that there will be a robust follow up, with potentially a lead clinician, with an in depth knowledge of the service review, to implement across Wales all that has been highlighted in the review. 


The public were given visibility and a voice for both the good and bad treatment in Wales, and I will advocate for those voices to be upheld. 


I still believe that Wales can lead the UK and international eating disorder community with this review, if all points are implemented. 


May I take this opportunity to thank you, as a committee, and all your predecessors over the past years, who have listened to my petition, believed in the need for change, and have pushed barriers for me. You’ve listened, and read many of my letters over the years, in all their forms of saying the same thing! 

It has paid off, and I hope that families who encounter an eating disorder will be seen quickly, and treated effectively. Thank you for allowing me to play a part in the change for good here in Wales. 


Helen Missen