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4th December 2019



Dear Janet Finch-Saunders



Petition P-05-876 Protection of Red & Amber listed species in Wales


Thank you for your letter of 20th November 2019, relating to the above petition. 


You will be aware on the 7th October 2019 NRW revoked five General Licence (GL001-004 and 016) and issued four new General Licences (GL001, 002, 004 and 016). They have been developed as a proportional way of regulating frequent and common activities where there is a clear need, based on evidence, to control certain species of wild birds.


In preparation of the 2020 Wild Bird Licensing Review NRW are currently undertaking scoping to determine timing, structure, evidence gaps and method of evidence gathering required to support the review.  Once the scope of the licensing review has been formalised and agreed I will send you our proposed delivery plan. 


In addressing your second point on how the importance of biodiversity will be considered, you may have noted:


·         all red and amber-listed Birds of Conservation Concern that were referenced on the revoked General Licences as listed above were removed when the new GL001, 002 and 004 were issued, this included Herring Gull, Great black-backed Gull, Black headed Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull and Lapwing;


·         all wild bird species that showed evidence of a long-term marked decline in range and/or abundance in Wales, that is, a decrease of more than 25% between 1994-2017 were removed when the new GL001, 002 and 004 were issued, this included rook;


·         where an individual application is made for a specific licence circumstance NRW will continue to assess the evidence base of that application and the conservation status of the species concerned before consent is issued for lethal control as regulated through the individual licensing process.


The 2020 NRW bird licensing review will continue to assess the proportional safeguarding of all wild birds and especially red and amber-listed Birds of Conservation Concern in Wales. To fully understand the views of the Petitions Committee we would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss.


Should you need any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely



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Ruth Jenkins