P-05-883 National Welsh History Week


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Text of Petition


We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to establish a National Welsh History Week.


The aim is to create and promote a celebratory and historically accurate week of learning and educational opportunities about the history of Wales that is more honest than the sanitised British history that many of us took from school and does not seek to bias the information to offer a favourable view of any party.


To challenge the stereotypical and inaccurate historical fantasies of Wales and how it came to be within the hierarchy of modern day Britain.


Through understanding our actual history, promote the importance of Welsh language and culture, its place within modern Britain, and bring about discussion on how we should seek for it to be perceived not only within Wales, but within the other countries of the British isles and the wider world.


Additional Information 

Many people in Wales (myself included) grow up with inaccurate assumptions and ideas of how Wales came to be, and of 'races' within the British Isles.


A more complete understanding of who we are and how we arrived where we are today can better place us as a population to consider where we want to be in the future.


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Neath

·         South Wales West