P-05-871 Make baby and toddler changing available in both male/female toilets, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 08.01.20


One of the Deputy Whip’s points is:


Toilet accommodation needs to be suitable, not only for disabled people, but for all people who use the building. However, wheelchair-accessible unisex toilets should not be used for baby changing.


Which suggests that baby changing facilities shouldn’t be placed in disabled toilets, but this is the normal positioning on the baby changing facilities currently? Does this mean that due to the new legislation no further baby changing facilities will be placed in these areas and that, in essence, Moving forward business shouldn’t place them in there. This sounds like there will be less regulation around businesses without large WC areas not more.


The more ‘clarification’ that is provided around this legislation the more murky and opaque it seems to become.


I look forward to seeing the petition committees conversation, please pass on my thanks that they’re taking this seriously, I’m very much enjoying Ms Finch-Saunders, Ms Wood, and Mr McEvoy‘s discussions within the chamber.