P-05-754 Lack of Support for Children with Disabilities at Crisis, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 21.11.19


Once again I have received no update or any correspondence relating to the petition whatsoever from Cwm Taff Health Board. I have deliberately refrained from making any contact myself with the hope that the professionals would have corresponded at some point, however I am not shocked with the lack of response or support.


I appreciate that Cwm Taff have other agendas, problematic issues and situations at hand at present, although that is no excuse to choose to put this very important, much needed issue aside while dealing with other pressures the Health Board are currently facing. They have a duty of care to all health needs, and therefore have a duty to act according to each and every need. Again, I cannot stress that I appreciate the fact that staff and resources are stretched, although communication is key and costs nothing.


My son Tom has currently gone through the process of transition to adult services, and I may add has not had the smoothest of journeys.


Starting this petition gave me some sort of hope that possible changes would be made, and that help and support would be provided for the vulnerable children and families, like mine. I hoped we would finally receive the support that should already be available without having to fight for it. Bear in mind, these families, like my family, are already fighting a fight of their own every single day. Today I feel that starting the petition has achieved nothing, as children and families are still struggling and under constant pressure.


I have recently been made aware that our local special needs school, that of which my son attends, are having difficulties funding the school nurse, a much-needed essential at a school with such needs  (such as having bloods taken at the school, etc) however, this has very recently been provoked due to funding. These children have been having bloods taken within a safe, familiar environment for many years with much more success than any other clinical environment, but it’s apparently justified to take another part of security away due to funding.

Once again, thank you for your time,