P-05-901 Ban the Sale of Real Fur in Wales

This petition was submitted by Cardiff Animal Rights having collected 827 signatures online and 2,271 on paper, a total of 3,098 signatures.


Text of Petition   

Farming animals for fur has been banned in the UK for over 16 years due to the cruelty involved. However, fur products are still legally imported from countries with little or no animal welfare laws.


Many animals are trapped in the wild using steel jaw leghold traps and have been known to chew off their own limbs in a frantic attempt to escape. Animals are also bred on fur farms usually in horrendous cramped conditions leading to severe mental trauma, skin sores and diseases.


Animals endure extreme pain and suffering, whether they are bred on fur farms or trapped in the wild. The fur industry is totally unethical, unnecessary and inhumane.


We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to ban the sale and import of real animal fur.


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Cardiff North

·         South Wales Central