P-05-923 Are you listening to us? Home Education Rights and Respect!

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The draft statutory guidance on home education is not fit for purpose. It sets to continue the hostilities between local authorities & home educators both through the language used in the document & the aims it sets to empower LAs to achieve.


There is a failure to provide any credible support to home educators. There is a failure to protect, respect & value home educators. This document does not recognise or support them in any credible or effective means.


We ask the National Assembly to investigate the role and pressure the Welsh Government have been put under from the children's commissioner's office with regards to home education & the extent this has shaped this guidance against the input from stakeholders in the home education community.


We ask the assembly to investigate the level of engagement the children's commissioner has with home educated children & why from what engagement she has had, she has failed to listen to their views about home education & is still continuing her campaign against home educators.


We ask the assembly to investigate why there are no safeguards throughout this guidance to protect home educators & hold LAs to account in their conduct with home educators?


We ask the assembly to investigate why there is no mention or recommending of signposting to the Welsh home education charities in the guidance despite these being best placed for support & advocacy for welsh home educators.


We ask the assembly to investigate the feedback Welsh Government has received from primary stakeholders & if Welsh Government has fairly represented their views & needs to the same extent as the Children's Commissioner and LAs objectives.

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·         Neath

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