P-05-878 Shut the Door on Wasted Energy, Correspondence – Aldi to Committee, 20.06.19


Dear Janet,

Thank you for your recent letter regarding Petition P-05-878 ‘Shut the Door on Wasted Energy’.

Aldi takes energy efficiency incredibly seriously and we have introduced numerous initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint in the UK and Ireland. These include increasing the purchase of green electricity to 100%, implementing an ISO 50001 certified energy management system, installing over 100,000 solar panels, and investing £20m in environmentally friendly refrigeration systems which are being installed across all new stores. 

Through these and other initiatives, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 53% since 2012. I am also very proud that we are now a carbon neutral business in the UK and Ireland.

Specifically, in relation to our fridges and freezers, I can confirm that all of our freezers in all stores nationwide have doors. Our chiller cabinets do not have doors, however, for the past year, we have been running a trial in a number of stores in which we have fitted doors to our chiller cabinets to measure any improvements in energy efficiency, whilst also reviewing operational and customer impact.  

Climate change is an extremely important issue and we are committed to continually reviewing our operations and looking to reduce emissions wherever possible.

I hope this information is useful.


Kind regards,