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Ymchwiliad i Dlodi Tanwydd | Inquiry into Fuel Poverty

FP 13

Ymateb gan :  Ffederasiwn Adeiladwyr Cartrefi

Evidence from : Home Builders Federation (HBF)

The HBF notes that a number of questions are being asked by the inquiry  with the most relevant to our members being:

What steps the Welsh Government should take to ensure that new-build homes, as well as existing homes, are highly energy efficient to prevent them causing fuel poverty in the future.

In response we would advise that we are aware that the energy efficiency of the new homes of the future is high on the Governments Agenda.  Current initiatives include a review of Building Regulations Part L Conservation of fuel and power which we understand is due to be consulted on before the end of this year, a HBF representative has been involved in the working group.  HBF were also involved in ensuring that the Innovative Housing Grant scheme was able to include private developer schemes and the although the uptake has been low this has allowed some initiatives to be tested by the Industry.   The HBF believe that both of these are positive and appropriate steps to take and that any changes to the way properties are constructed in Wales are best dealt with through the Building Regulation process to ensure a consistent approach across Wales.

As always we do however have to consider the impact of any changes made in Wales compared to England, as making it harder to build in Wales is only likely to result in a continued reduction in the number of new homes being built.  We have been building less homes than we need for a number of years resulting in a backlog and a resultant increase in house prices.

Please find attached a document which HBF produced in 2017which looked at the difference between the fuel efficiency of new and old homes which may be of interest to your current inquiry.