P-05-817 Specialist prosthetics for child amputees, Correspondence – petitioner to committee, 04.11.19


To all involved with the petitions committee,

Last week (29/10/19) the Health Minister announced the creation of a fund to provide child amputees with specialist prosthesis, achieving what the petition set out to do.  Obviously as a family we are thrilled with the news, and deeply, deeply grateful that our child's needs, and the needs of others like her, have been acknowledged and supported by the Welsh Government. This new service will remove so many  of the physical barriers posed by limb loss,  immeasurably improving the quality of amputees' lives; and it is wonderful that it will be available until the patient turns 25  (in England it is until the age of 18). 

I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am for my daughter's sake, or how excited I am that she will finally experience being able to race around with her friends.  After years of struggling as a family, it feels as though a weight is being lifted; and I am so pleased that other families in our situation will benefit in the same way.

My deepest and sincerest thanks to everybody involved in this process.


Kind regards,


Rebecca Roberts