Committee on Assembly Electoral Reform

Date:   Monday 21 October 2019

Committee on Assembly Electoral Reform


1.        This paper outlines the background to the establishment of the Committee on Assembly Electoral Reform, and invites Members to note the Committee’s remit.


2.        In its 2017 report, the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform made recommendations as to the number of Members the Assembly needs, how Members should be elected, and what the minimum voting age for Assembly elections should be.

3.        Following a debate in Plenary on 10 July 2019, the National Assembly for Wales agreed that an increase in the number of Assembly Members is needed and that further cross-party work should be undertaken to take this forward.

4.        On 18 September 2019 the Assembly voted in favour of creating a new cross-party committee to consider these issues.

Committee remit

5.        The remit of the Committee is to examine the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform.

6.        The Committee will be dissolved once the Assembly has debated its final report.