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CRM 01                    

Ymateb gan: Unigolyn   



National Assembly for Wales
Children, Young People and Education Committee

Inquiry into Children’s rights in Wales

CRM 01        

Response from: Individual





I have a now 17 year old daughter  I adopted and who is diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Attachment Disorder. Unfortunately due to the system, my daughter learnt as a young teenager that she could call all the shots. She did this because she learnt that she could accuse adults of abuse and they would be arrested and then questioned  by the police. This was her right.


As a result her relationship with me became untenable, I drew the line at being arrested and questioned by the police because I would not let her watch an unsuitable violent TV programme. She went to report 3 bus drivers as abusive/paedophiles, 2 lost their jobs (this was because they told her off for being late on the bus). 


She has ended up living with her Dad who allowed her to dictate how she wanted to live which resulted in her being put on the At Risk register. She happily says he is frightened of her. She went  into care for a while and with her Father's permission was sleeping and then living with her boyfriend and his family at the age of 15. She slept on their living room floor for a year as they had no bedroom. She is now living practically on her own at the age of 17 in her Father's house as he works away (as a Trainer) most weeks and is often away at weekends. 


This has resulted in a very clever girl flunking her GCSE's because there was no one to guide her and make sure she did her homework. I sent her to private school, but even they could not help.


Please listen, not all children tell the truth. Most kids lie, I did as a child. Taking what a child says verbatim gives them immense power. Children like my daughter can easily abuse that.


I recently had to get her consent to pick up her GCSE's and had to have her consent to enrol her in College. She is still under 18. What message does this give to teenagers 


Whatever has happened to parental consent and parental responsibility. 


My Dad once told me that your child will be taught how to behave and fit into society.  It can be done by you with love or by the state, police, forces, workplace etc, with none. 


Perhaps it is the time to give back the rights to the people who truly have the children's best interests at heart, their parents who love them.


I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but please do listen. This is the reality parents live with now.