Provision of health and social care in the adult prison estate – Inquiry by the health, Social Care and Sport Committee

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This response is from Social Care Wales.

Social Care Wales was established (under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2014) in April 2017 bringing together social care workforce regulation, workforce development and service improvement in one organisation. We will have an influential role in shaping research priorities and building strong links with stakeholders to improve care and support. Social Care Wales also has a responsibility for the development of the workforce in the social care and early years sector. Our work aims to support the priorities for the well-being of future generations for the sector, the public and Welsh Government.

Our three strategic aims below define what we do:

•           providing public confidence

•           leading and supporting improvement

•           developing the workforce


Should you require further information please contact:

Sarah McCarty

Director of Improvement and Learning

Social Care Wales

Southgate House

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It may be helpful for the Committee to be aware of the work undertaken by the Care Council for Wales (now Social Care Wales) to provide learning resources and training to support implementation of Part 11 of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act and new responsibilities on local authorities for adult prisoners with social care needs. 

In 2015-16, the Institute of Public Care (IPC) was commissioned by the Care Council to develop bi-lingual training materials on assessing and meeting the needs of individuals in the secure estate. These additional training materials needed to be consistent with and complementary to existing core modules i.e. engaging, accessible and informative and reflecting the spirit as well as the letter of the law. 

Awareness raising material for the wider workforce, including an eLearning module, was developed as well as more in-depth material for those whose roles were most affected. The materials can be downloaded from

IPC was originally asked to deliver the in-depth materials to attendees from the local authority, health and secure estate workforce at a series of three workshops in June 2016.  However, at a meeting with secure estate establishments and local authorities in April 2016 it was agreed to customise the delivery i.e. for IPC to co-deliver bespoke training at each secure estate establishment and to a timetable agreed with each area.

IPC subsequently delivered bespoke training in all four prison establishments/areas. A report on this training which happened back in January 2017, including overarching learning, is available if Committee think it would be helpful.