P-05-858 Fire Sprinklers are for life, not a fast buck! Correspondence – Interested party to Committee, 06.06.19

1.    Smaller sprinkler companies will be forced out of business with the costs with getting accreditation after spending a vast amount of money on training to ensure competence.

2.    There are not enough 3rd party accredited companies in Wales to cope with the demand that there is with the current housing market thus creating a monopoly for larger companies who will then use the smaller defunct companies as sub contractors.

3.    If implemented there will need to be a long period of changeover so to speak so companies who are of adequate size can apply for certification and achieve it (can take up to a year) This was the case when electricians had to achieve Part P status.

Once again even though we are going for 3rd party certification I don’t think its beneficial to insisted upon it if competency can be proved via current training certs etc.