P-05-786 Save our Countryside, Revise TAN 1, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 15.05.19


Thank you for the opportunity to respond, after a recent appeal much time was spent by the legal profession regarding the disqualification of Para 6.2 Tan 1, in particular the meaning and definition of great weight.

Regarding the 5 year land supply, I believe past build rates should also be given serious consideration.

Based on figures for completions in Conwy as of April 2018.

The annual requirement (using the residual method) was 699

Annual completions over the last 10 years was 241

Based on past build rates over the past 10 years, Conwy would have an 8.9 year supply.

Using just the residual method I believe opens us up for speculative applications not within the LDP as it will be impossible to meet the residual method of 699 completions per year.

Kind regards


Mike Priestley