P-05-849: All men in Wales should have access through the NHS to the best possible diagnostic tests for prostate cancer, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 17.04.19



I am seriously peturbed by what is going on, this is an email off one of the guys that has been corresponding with me. The undated letter, allegedly from the CEO of the Betsi contains information that to be charitable is disingeuous in relation to what the NICE committee is doing. 


He has given permission for me to share. He is copied in. 


The bottom line, we asked the Chair MP and the director of Nursing GH to fund these scans in the interim period. The least they can do considering the guidelines proposed by NICE! 

Its going to happen! Can the committee pressurise the Cab Sec to fund/direct that these interim patients get their free scan and also can they get cast iron assurances that the implementation of the guidelines is being done in a timely manner? Last October the Cab Sec issued a press release that £12 million was being given to provide scanners and infrastructure in Glan Clwyd, Aberystwyth and Swansea, can the committee get them to confirm this is true and if those moneys are over and above the settlement or just a sneaky politicians double dipping ploy? 


The Cab Sec needs reminding that it is his administration that placed the Betsi in special measures, the buck stops with him! 


Stu Davies