P-05-754 Lack of support for children with disabilities at crisis ( the is a crisis team but do not support children with disabilities), Correspondence – Petitioner to committee, 01.05.19

With regards to any changes being made to the children’s LD and mental health services, well let just say there hasn’t been any proactive changes or progress since the start of the petition. There has been a lot of talking, meetings, and promises, however no actual active changes. The crisis team has remained the same, there are still no beds available within Wales. Children and families are still struggling, with little support.

The CAHMS services are limited. No extra support or funding has been provided. I have to admit I am extremely deflated by the lack of progress. As I have stated before I understand the lack of funding, however this has been highlighted and discussed through the petition for just over two financial years.

The venerable children within our area are being let down by our very own system. We should be protecting and supporting these children and families as much as possible. The talking, meetings and promises are all well and good, but money is being spent paying for meeting after meeting, paying each professional to attend to talk about this situation, yet nothing is being achieved and funding is being wasted on ‘just talk’.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Weale