P-05-846 Save our Hospital at Prince Philip Llanelli, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 30.04.19


Here is our response.  We have listed questions we would like asked


Questions for Health Board Debate

1.    It is essential that the current local services run at Prince Philip Hospital Llanelli are retained and that local Mental Health Services are improved and kept in Llanelli

2.    The Front of House at PPH needs to be fully manned at all times especially at weekends when it is often the case that there are only limited GP services in house due to staff shortages.

3.    Easy and inexpensive access to services including better transport to and from the Hospital 24 hours per day (especially for discharged patients brought in by ambulance – the removal of patients being forced to pay for Taxis to get home)

4.    It is essential that a better Service Level Agreement is forged between Hywel Dda and Llanelli regarding the use of A & E Services as Morriston Hospital is far closer than the proposed new Hospital and even Glangwilli, Carmarthen for the vast majority of people in the Llanelli and Ammanford catchment areas (some 75,000 people). It would seem logical that there is a reciprocal arrangement (from point 4) for ABMU to be able to access services at PPH Llanelli.

5.    The GP surgeries are creaking at the edges and many have already failed and passed into oblivion. The Welsh NHS needs to take over and create new “hub” surgeries employing all the staff including GPs, Emergency Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Midwives and administration staff. This would have the benefits of making sure we had enough GPs and also creating a seamless flow to Secondary Care.

6.    It is only by creating the Electronic Patient Record available to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care services that the major savings and through changes to working practices and the adoption of technology can truly be made. This needs to be a priority and completed in a speedy time scale, it has already taken many years and still has not been delivered even though major investment has been made.

7.    Easier and more prompt access to GPs including Weekend and Evening Access to GPs.

8.    Create more local training facilities for Doctors and Nurses in Wales with Bursaries to be either paid back in cash or paid back by contractual working in Welsh Hospitals.

9.    Removal of “Bank Nursing” and “Outside Consultancy” by paying the current staff better.

10. Encourage a more open working environment in the service to encourage staff empowerment, to reduce undue pressures being brought on junior staff to conform to others ideals and allow for open discussions for the future.


SOSPPAN have asked if we can have a voice on the health board to represent local residents, to date we have requested every meeting and although we have dialog with them its driven by SOSPPAN

All the above are political decisions and the Welsh Government has the power to implement these changes




John Prosser