P-05-875 The capping of Council Tax Rises in Wales, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 30.04.19


Conwy County Council imposed a 9.6 per cent Council Tax rise this year.They also imposed swinging cuts to schools budgets,social care etc.


With uncapped Council tax rises such as these come serious implications.


There is no impetus for fiscal restraint when County Councils in Wales can inflict such rises.Its local government out of control.


In Wales rising child poverty rates and foodbank usage rates show how bad things are.


Most folks are on minimum wages.


The blame game one hears is a frustrating.


County Councils blame the Government in Wales who in turn blame Westminster.


Well this buck passing weather me and it just won't do.


With POVERTY levels in Wales The government in Wales have to get a grip.


The buck stops in Cardiff.


Capping Council tax rises in Wales now essential.


Left to it themselves Councils come up with insane rises such as this inflation busting 9.6 per cent eye watering poverty inducing obscenity Conwy County Council.inflict.




A freeze for two years on Council Tax rises and an inflation plus 1 per cent rise in the third year would give struggling households a break.


Over a decade of inflation busting rises and cuts to services have hit people hard.


It's now high time the government in Wales took a lead.


The compelling case for a cap seems to me to be obvious.


If the government in Wales cares about child poverty, I mean REALLY cares then it will cap council tax rises.


If it cares about poverty in households in Wales it will freeze council tax for two years.


If the government in Wales has any interest in the thousands of carers struggling in low incomes .Cares,lest we forget exist on carers allowance of just over £64 A week for 35 hours care,slavery.levels.No minimum or living wage for carers who save Wales moons in social care costs.If the government in Wales gives a dam it must hold council tax rises to inflation plus 1 per cent in the third year.


I plead with the government in Wales to do that.