P-05-859 Provide Child Houses in Wales for victims of child sexual abuse; Correspondence – Petitioner to Chair, 08.04.19

In response to the Children’s Commissioner Comments that we should wait for the results, I would like to ask the question, what happens in the meantime to children being sexually abused, whilst we wait?

If counties have appeared to have successfully adapted the model without compromise, and the successes have been evidential already, I am unsure as to what we are waiting for.

Training can be provided immediately.  I actually provide training as a professional with lived experience as the Founder of my organisation She Can Consultancy, I am also surprised of the reluctance to outsource training and education from independent organisations like mine, whom can provide a deeper insight into the lived experience.

Unfortunately, legislations are not taking into account Child Sexual Abuse as a single category.  There is much needed focus on Domestic Violence, with refuges in place, bills and consistent campaigning taking place.  Child Sexual Exploitation again with much campaigning and work being undertaken, however I fail to see the same prioritising taking place for Child Sexual Abuse.

Categorising CSA and CSE together is inappropriate. They both have separate motivations behind their heinous actions.

I apologies for my delayed response previously, however I do struggle to see what I am responding too, when the responses are agreeing that the Baranhuas model is successful, that multi-agency working can be implemented, that we need to tighten and sharped policies on Child Sexual Abuse and that we are not providing basic provisions, and yet we are waiting for some reports…

That is questionable, how long do we wait, whilst this silent crisis, with terrifying statistics and lack of prosecutions continue.

Everything that I have mentioned in the petition and responses are things that are happening in other sexual violence sectors and yet not in this one.


Further, I would like to clarify the comments made during the discussion taking place on 19th March 2019, that this is not a gender specific petition, there is no need to be mentioned gender during this petition discussion, because this is CHILD SPECIFIC.  I found the comments made about mentioning of men/boys to be inappropriate and again another deflection of dealing with the issue at hand.

This is about both genders, this is about children being sexually abused.

I would also like to further mention, that I do feel the discussions are circling and deflecting from the fact that there are major concerns with policies, actions and prioritising, forwarding lists of legislations are appreciated, however for myself personally I am an activist on practical and grassroots movements of saving children and working with adult victims of sexual violence.

Yours sincerely

Mayameen Meftahi