P-05-875 – The Capping of Council Tax Rises in Wales


This petition was submitted by Tom MacLean having collected a total of 55 signatures.


Text of Petition

Conwy Council are seeking to levy a staggering 11 per cent council tax increase this coming tax year upon households. Other councils in Wales are also raising council tax by inflation busting levels.


I call upon the Assembly to cap council tax rises to the rate of inflation for two years. With child poverty and household debt rising the staggering increases in council tax cripple households.


Additional Information

Conwy Council has raised council tax by 5 per cent year on year but this year is seeking a staggering 11 per cent rise.


With too many low income households struggling it would be crushing to have this outrageous increase.


We are paying MORE for LESS and less services.


The same story across Wales.


A two year inflation only rise in council tax in Wales would give hard pressed households a breathing space.


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Clwyd West

·         North Wales