Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru

National Assembly for Wales

Y Pwyllgor Iechyd, Gofal Cymdeithasol a Chwaraeon

Health, Social Care and Sport Committee

Ymchwiliad I wasanaethau Nyrsio Cymunedol a Nyrsio Adal

Inquiry into Community and District Nursing services


Ymateb gan unigolyn

Evidence from an individual

To whom it may concern

My opinion to the following questions

•           Do you feel there are enough senior nurses, nurses and HCSWs in your team to care for patients effectively?

We have a skill mix of nurses and health care support workers but we do not have enough of experienced senior nurses qualified in district nursing.

•           Do you have enough time to care for patients effectively?

With the increase of chronic health care and ill patients being cared for at home then time is a concern when you have 10 calls on a six hour shift it is impossible to to provide for all needs, we play catch up on every shift and more and more paperwork.

•           Does your team have enough administrative support?

We have some admin support but senior staff spend to much time on computers filling in computer programmes which are not efficient, complicated and time consuming. 

•           Do you have the right technology such as a handheld device to support your work?

No I don't even have a mobile phone I use my personal one, only if I am on call do i have access to a work phone no sign of a hand held.

•           What would help you do your job?

Management with an understanding of district nursing and the time it takes to undertake assessments and care when the patient is in control of the time, environment and how they want their care provided.

Many thanks


District Nurse