Government Response: The Forest Reproductive Material (Great Britain) (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2019


Merit Scrutiny point under Standing Order 21.3(ii) – that it is of political or legal importance or gives rise to issues of public policy likely to be of interest to the Assembly


The Welsh Government acknowledges the timescales involved in making these amendments compared to England and Scotland. The Forest Resources Policy Branch’s work has had to be re-prioritised to meet competing demands, especially more recently in light of Brexit.  There are steps being taken to address this, and it is anticipated that the proposals for the new Cross-Border GB Forestry Functions post 1st April 2019 will be a positive one in doing so.  The Plant Health function has also established a Cross-Border Plant Health Steering Group, which will be a useful forum for Welsh Government Officials to participate in any discussions about proposed amendments to policy/legislation at an early stage.