P-05-849 – Correspondence from petitioner to committee, 07.02.19


My points which I  made to the Chair of the Betsi and Director of Nursing is that men are waiting for these scans, putting their lives at risk and we should be putting in place interim arrangements so that they can have these scans free now. Something I found out was that whilst the public pays £900 ish, the NHS only pays £360 ish as a trade rate. Men who are in contact with me say that they are either waiting for it to become free or are BORROWING money to pay for one of these scans in North Wales.


The Seneddd should be asking the questions, 

why were they free in South Wales as detailed in the Cab Secs reply? I dont believe the excuse that they were trials, my view is that pork barrel politics was at play here!

why was the Cab Sec dismissive at first when Mark Isherwood raised it, as evidenced by his body language on Senedd TV.

why doesnt the Cab Sec arrange for the minor amount of funds that it will cost to pay for these interim scans, after all the WG is in charge of the Betsi after putting it in to special measures four years ago!

So the biggy

Put these measures in to place asap and pay for interim scans in the meanwhile.


Stu Davies 

PBO Ask the Experts (Engines)