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Ymateb gan:
Response from
: Chair of the Vale of Glamorgan Budget Forum


I write as chair of the Vale of Glamorgan Budget Forum in response to the CYPE Committee Inquiry into School Funding call for evidence.

The level of funding allocated per student in the Vale of Glamorgan, but more significantly the level of funding given to the pupils in comparison to students across the rest of Wales, has been the source of much debate and disappointment to members of the Budget Forum over many years.

As a forum we appreciate that the funding of schools is the responsibility of the Local Authority we are also aware, however, that the authority must give consideration to the Welsh Government calculated indicator based assessment (IBA) when allocating funding to schools and it is difficult for an authority to fund a service above IBA in the light of other pressures in other directorates.

The Vale of Glamorgan has funded education services above IBA since April 2013 and yet pupils in the Vale of Glamorgan remain the lowest funded in Wales as demonstrated in the table below. Interestingly, there are other authorities in Wales that fund Education services below IBA and yet the budget per pupil is still higher than in the Vale.


Rank for gross expenditure per pupil




Budget above IBA


% above IBA