P-05-854 Make learning disability training mandatory for hospital staff

This petition was submitted by The Paul Ridd Foundation, having collected 5,654 signatures.

Text of Petition

Paul Ridd was our brother. He had severe learning disabilities and died in Morriston Hospital in 2009. The Public Services Ombudsmen report into the circumstances leading to Paul's death said that neglect, lack of training and ignorance were contributory factors leading to Paul's death. The Government must ensure all healthcare professionals get mandatory training to address the huge health inequalities facing people with autism and a learning disability.


1 in 4 healthcare professionals has never had training on learning disability or autism. This is unacceptable. Two thirds want more training, and 1 in 3 think a lack of government leadership is contributing to the problem of avoidable deaths (statistics from survey conducted by YouGov for Mencap: https://www.mencap.org.uk/press-release/concerns-over-lack-clinical-training-causing-avoidable-learning-disability-deaths). 


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·         Aberavon

·         South Wales West