P-05-736 To Make Mental Health Services More Accessible.

This petition was submitted by Laura Williams, which collected 73 signatures.

Text of the Petition

To make mental health services more accessible the Government should ensure that no-one who approaches a mental health service should be turned away without help. Anyone who goes to their GP or any other health care professional who is experiencing a mental health problem should be automatically referred to the crisis team who should act immediately. The onus should not be on the individual to contact the Crisis Team on their own. There should also always be a one to one therapy option, rather than group therapy.

Many people will know I haven't had an easy time with life or with mental illness; I suffer with depression, anxiety, PTSD and OCD. Recently, I've hit rock bottom and have screamed for help but have been let down by mental health services who I thought would help, instead they have let me down majorly.

I want my experience to help others around Wales and to get the help they need.

Assembly constituency and Region.

·         Cardiff West

·         South Wales Central