P-05-805 Fair Deal For Supply Teachers, 30.10.18

Dear Mr Rowlands

I would like to thank the Cabinet Secretary for Education for her response and ask that you undertake the following :

At the meeting on 25th September  Mike Hedges AM proposed that Welsh Government be asked to consider that a public sector solution be found. This was agreed on by members of the Committee . I agree wholeheartedly with that view and would be grateful if you would ask the Cabinet Secretary this.

If we are paid directly by LAs to scale, as we were years ago, we will also be able to access Teachers' Pension Scheme which has had no mention in the planned changes by the Cabinet Secretary of Education . These are centred around making some improvements to the framework agreement.

Supply teachers need to be remunerated according to their qualifications and experience if they are to be valued as part of the "temporary workforce". There are other public sector workers who, paid previously via agencies, have now been taken back "inhouse".  Northern Ireland and Scotland have their own models whereby their supply teachers are paid to scale. We should use our devolved powers to provide supply teachers with equity with other countries of the UK.


Thank for you kind attention.


Sheila Jones