P-05-819 Welsh Place Names - Protection & Promotion Bill

This petition was submitted by Dr Dafydd Williams and was first considered by the Committee in June 2018 having collected 431 signatures.

Text of Petition

The Welsh language is one of the main distinguishing features of Wales, and our history and culture is intimately linked with one of the oldest languages in Europe.

Increasingly historic Welsh place names and house names are being replaced by English names. This kills the local culture and one of the elements which makes Wales unique. These old Welsh names are often very descriptive, and connect with the history of a place.

Maintaining our cultural identity and heritage is important to non-Welsh speakers and Welsh speakers alike.

Additional information
Old welsh place names/building names should be protected by law; and new developments should have a mandatory Welsh name in order to preserve our unique culture and language. This would be appreciated by Welsh speakers and those who are learning or don't speak the language alike. It would also aid with the fostering of our unique trademark to the world - something which tourists love to see.

Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Arfon

·         North Wales