P-05-805 Fair Deal For Supply Teachers


This petition was submitted by Sheila Jones and was first considered by the Committee in May 2018, having collected 1,425 signatures (997 online and 428 on paper).


Text of Petition

We, the undersigned, request that all supply teachers be paid fairly and have full access to training opportunities and other terms and conditions. There should be a qualified teacher in every classroom and taxpayers' money should be going directly into education and not into the pockets of private agencies.


​Supply teachers are being exploited and teachers are leaving the profession as they cannot afford to be supply teachers.
Agencies reduce teachers' pay by forty to sixty percent and teachers lose their pensions, this is public money going into the private sector for profit.
Lessons are being covered by unqualified staff.


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Caerphilly       

·         South Wales East