P-05-848 Let Welsh students have the opportunity to choose the best study option for them

This petition was submitted by Sharon Ellis, having collected 127 signatures.

Text of Petition

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to ensure that the same funding arrangements are available to students wherever they choose to study and that the funding options are also available to students who have already commenced their studies.


Students currently have the option to study within the UK and Ireland with some study in Europe but why can they not study for a recognised degree throughout the world if the chosen programme best suits their overall career objectives.


In 2017 Georgia Ellis was accepted to the Doctorate of Physiotherapy course at Quinnipiac University in the USA. The bachelor’s degree is a liberal arts degree which encompasses a variety of subjects as standard including Public Speaking and as part of gaining her undergraduate degree she will minor in another elective, in her case Business Studies. Although these are fabulous benefits Georgia chose this study option as her ambition is to become a physiotherapist for a sporting team and because of the exposure to sports teams she would gain in the university’s purpose-built training health centre.


Why can’t students be able to utilise the same funding arrangements they would have here in the UK towards funding alternative study options. Georgia’s story is just one example of the fine calibre of UK students but there are many more.


Please sign this petition to support the options available to current and future students.


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Alyn and Deeside

·         North Wales