John Griffiths AM


Equalities, Local Government and Communities Committee




ELGC(5)-29-18 Paper 2







17 October 2018


Dear John


‘Count me in!’ An inquiry into tackling poverty and social exclusion through culture

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee has launched an inquiry into how publicly funded bodies can use culture and the arts to tackle poverty and social exclusion in Wales. 

I would be grateful if we could draw on the expertise of your stakeholders for this inquiry.  I understand our respective clerking teams have promoted this inquiry using your database of contacts.  I would be grateful if your Members could also publicise this inquiry to their contacts and within their constituencies.  

We are seeking answers to the following questions:

§    How effective has the Welsh Government been in improving participation in and access to culture for people in poverty?

§    How effective have the efforts of Welsh Government sponsored bodies (namely the Arts Council, National Museum, National Library and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales) and local government been in using culture to tackle poverty?

§    What impact has the Welsh Government’s Fusion programme had on using culture to tackle poverty?

§    How effective the Fusion pioneer programmes have been in stimulating local collaboration?

We ask that responses are emailed to us at seneddcwlc@assembly.walesby 14 December.


We will be taking oral evidence in the New Year and welcome suggestions for any organisations to invite in.


I will make sure that the outcomes of our inquiry are shared with your Committee,


Yours sincerely,




Bethan Sayed