Public Accounts Committee

Inquiry into the NHS Wales Informatics Services

Correspondence with Mark Osland, Director of Finance and Informatics, Velindre NHS Trust


Following the evidence session on 2 July with officials from Velindre NHS Trust, the Clerks wrote seeking clarification on whether or not Velindre NHS Trust have received any incident reports from NWIS and if so whether they clearly identified the problem and outlined how problems have been resolved and whether the Trust has received a final incident report. Mark Osland’s response is below:

I can confirm that Velindre has now received a briefing report on all major incidents affecting the organisation since June 2017. The report sets out the description of the incident, the root cause and the remediation action taken by NWIS to resolve the problem.

Just to reiterate and as conveyed to the Committee at the evidence session on 2 July, whilst not all of the formal paper work had been provided, Velindre was kept up to date and informed of the circumstances of each incident and the work that NWIS have been undertaking to resolve the problems, through daily contact, formal SLA meetings and separate meetings with NWIS Directors.

The briefing report which covered all major incidents since June 2017 was received on 11 July 2018. However the Trust had received a previous report in June 2018, which provided a briefing on 3 of the incidents which occurred on 24 January, 21 March and 24 April.

Mark Osland - Director of Finance and Informatics, Velindre NHS Trust

11 July 2018