P-04-390 : Designate Penrhos Holyhead Nature Reserve (coastal park) a National reserve


To someone who cares,


Please take time to read and help.


The people of Holyhead have very little as in work , they seem to have little hope of Governments helping them. Over many years I watched all sides of politics say they will do this and that, only to find down the track no work, no help and no hope of work in the near future. Holyhead needs work.


What people of Holyhead do have is a wealth of good will and the ability to keep smiling even when Government after Governments let the people down.

Holyhead was a thriving happy wonderful place as I grew up in the sixties and into the seventies, its people wonderful and lives were fairly prosperous, by English standards of course, a simple life.


We loved our coast line, we loved our long walks, we loved our island, over the years bit by bit our love of land has been stolen from us.

Now development will be the thief this time trying to steal the place we all love with  untruths about jobs and how good it will be for the town. Again the same old rubbish,untruths.

It's all lies, every time it's lies. Please look at the unemployed numbers for Holyhead currently if you disagree with me.


Please save our Nature Reserve  at Phenrhos, Holyhead. In fact give money to make it even more magical than it already is.


Please save this piece of special earth do not spoli what you can never replace or repair for the want of greed by some.

I know how hard life is in Holyhead,  we had to leave for work, shame on the liars!


If we allow the devastation of the Phenrhos Reserved at Holyhead, we can blame nobody but ourselves. What do we tell the yet to be born children, we sold out for forty pieces of silver!


Save this treasured  place please. Don't fall for greed as most seem to do, and don't fall for the rubbish spoken about prosperity for the town heard it so many times.


Gillian Hemsley