To assist with our inquiry, the Committee would welcome your views on any or all of the following points:

The current condition of roads in Wales and whether the approach to funding and delivery of maintenance programmes for the local road, trunk road and motorway network in Wales is effective, managed so as to minimise disruption to road users, and provides value for money.

·         5-year plan for carriageway resurfacing needed (Reviewed annually)

·         Premium for night-working paid but helps disruption to road users (Some environmental issues noise)

·         Preservation treatments innovation, CAUTS etc (provide value for money when used in the right location at the right time)

·         HAMP needs regular review and submission and should be used to determine funding requirements to achieve steady state

·         Contracts, with partnership approach can assist long term strategies where everyone is working to collective achievements

·         Demonstrable improvements made from LGBI funding and lessons learned, however, ring fence funding required to secure any future improvements – roads now deteriorating since removal of LGBI

·         Highways are the largest asset in the country and deliver all services you can think of making them critical for economy, growth, wellbeing etc

·         Local road networks are having budgets reduced while complaints rise

·         Surety on funding required with a long term 5-10year investment strategy

·         Mechanisms for funding need exploring

·         Trunk Road & motorway appears to be in deterioration

·         A CLEAR STRATEGY for Wales is required.

Whether major enhancement projects on the local road, trunk road and motorway network are prioritised, funded, planned and delivered effectively, and provide value for money. Relevant issues include the implementation of the Early Contractor Involvement approach and the opportunities offered by the Welsh Government’s Mutual Investment Model.

·         5-10 year funding strategy for carriageway resurfacing required

·         Investment projects moves pinch point problem, one part of the jigsaw at a time which delivers minimal impacts

·         No projects with ECI within authority

·         Major enhancement what is the classification and how is this determined

·         Public transport improvements required to help ease network pressure.

Whether Wales is adopting a sustainable approach to the maintenance and enhancement of its road network in the context of key legislation such as the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013.

·         Looking at long-term and prevention by selecting right treatment at right time  being used.

·         Reduced material usage/waste being considered in treatment selection.

·         Term service 5-year contract to help improve increased local employment partnership approach and possible community benefits (longer term contracts help achieve this).

·         Active Travel – alternative avenues – walking/cycling etc improves sustainability, however, there is limited benefits if they are not interconnected.