P-05-793 Hi speed broadband to Llangenny village – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Clerking Team, 9.04.18

Dear Ms Thomas

Thank you for your email asking for an update on the latest position from me.

Despite the letter from Julie James AM to the Committee advising that high speed broadband installation was in progress and would be available within 8 weeks (8 weeks from her letter being the 1st week of April) there is no sign whatsoever of any progress being made anywhere in Llangenny and I have checked with all the petition signatories. No fibre cable has been installed and the local BT Openreach engineers (who are in our village almost daily sorting out problems with residents’ low speed signals) aren’t aware of any planned works. One of our neighbours has recently been without phone or broadband for a week. The cabling to our village is obviously in poor condition.

So it looks as though, yet again, BT have provided false information, this time to a Welsh Government Minister.

Duncan Forbes